Road safety campaign 2019 – don’t swerve an eyesight campaign

An estimated 2,900 road casualties are caused by poor vision every year. Much more can be done to help to make our roads safer.

The Don’t swerve a sight test campaign is about reminding all drivers to have regular sight tests. It’s the easiest way of making sure your vision meets the legal standard and is road safe.

Some things to think about:
– Sight often deteriorates slowly so you may not even notice a change to your vision
– Driving with eyesight below the legal standard is dangerous to yourself and others
– Have a sight test every two years, and encourage other drivers to as well
– Making an appointment with an independent optometrist suhc as Penzers is easy and pain free
Let’s change the law and make our roads safer

Did you know?
– 30% of road users have doubted whether their vision is good enough, yet continued to drive
– 26% say they’ve delayed getting their eyes checked by an optometrist despite suspecting their vision was getting worse, and 6% admit to stalling a sight test for more than a year
– Less than half (40%) would stop driving if they were told their vision, even with glasses or contact lenses, was below the legal standard for driving. With 10% saying that they would continue to drive as normal
-16% admit to knowing a driver whose sight they believe to be below the legal vision standard