Contact Lens FAQ

Contact lens FAQ. Everything you need to know about the contact lens.

●  What is a contact lens?
A contact lens is a very thin lens that literally floats on the tear fluid in your eye just above the cornea.

●  How do I begin to wear contact lenses?
Firstly you will need to ensure that you have an eye test and a full consultation with your optician first. And remember that the consultation will include an eye health check, followed by a discussion on the type of contact lens best suited ro you. We will then arrange for a care and teach session on a one to one basis for you.

●  Are there any age restrictions on wearing contact lenses?
We say there is no youngest age, but it is more to do with how careful and sensible the wearer is. Don’t for get that contact lenses require regular care and maintenance. If in doubt, parents should take with the optician in the first instance.

●  Can anyone wear contact lenses?
Almost anyone can yes. In recent years, specially made contact lenses have even become available for people suffering from astigmatism or presbyopia.

●  Is there any discomfort associated with wearing contact lenses?
Surprisingly not. In the first instance you will be very aware of the lens in your eye, but you will soon forget about it and should suffer no discomfort or pain.

●  Can I wear contact lenses to play sport in?
Yes. Contact lenses can be worn for most occasions and are very suitable for playing sport in or engaging in outdoor pursuits.

●  Can a contact lens fall out?
Yes this can and does happen sometimes, although not often. The possible reasons for this are in the event your eye becomes very dry, or if you rub your eyes without care.

●  Is it possible for a contact lens to slip behind my eye?
In short, the answer is no, so do not worry. Your eyelids are lined with a membrane that will stop them going too far backwards.

●  Are contact lenses hard to take care of?
Each lens requires a different routine and once you are in the habit, it becomes second nature. It is important to keep your contact lenses in the special solution (never in water) and to make sure you wash your hands before handling the lenses.