Childrens Frames

Parents have been bringing their children to Penzer Opticians for eye tests and glasses for decades. Over that time, we have built up a reputation for being able to supply a range of eye care solutions and children’s frames for youngsters of all ages. There is a dedicated dispensing area specifically for younger patients with a good selection of modern and eye catching children’s frames. Children’s frames at Penzer Opticians run into hundreds. There is a wide selection.

We specialise in Lazer Junior (X-eyes) spectacles, which are bright and colourful. The kids love them! In addition, we have a wide selection of other frames and styles to choose from, including Bench, metals and trendy plastics as eye wear fashions from yesteryear make a strong comeback.

Many children’s frames at Penzer Opticians are free

Many of the children’s frames are free with an NHS voucher.

Mums and Dads. Did you know that only ONE in TEN children get their eyes tested?  This staggering statistic is surprising when its completely free to get them checked. You can start testing your child as young as two years old and then it is recommended annually thereafter. Children with eye conditions, or poor vision have been linked to poor progress with education at school due to those problems.

So please do not put the health of your children’s eyes at risk. Call Penzer Opticians now and make them an appointment today on 0121 430 5538.