Contact Lens Types

Penzer Opticians knows all about the different contact lens types. Here we tell you more about the various options.

●  Daily Disposables
Imagine the simplicity of just taking out your lenses at the end of each day, discarding them and putting new ones in the following morning? That is what daily disposables are all about – so convenient and easy to use. And by using daily lenses, you have no need to use cleaning solutions. Perfect for sports people; perfect for those who lead an active lifestyle too.

●  Fortnightly
This type of lens is worn as the name suggests for two weeks and then thrown away. Typically the optician may suggest wearing this type of lens particularly if a patient has very dry eyes or a calcium build up. These lenses should only be worn during waking hours and are cleaned at the end of the day in readiness for the following morning.

●  Monthly
Monthly lenses provide for 30 days cover and then discarded.  They are to be worn during waking hours only and are not suitable for sleeping in. They are cleaned when not being worn in readiness for the following morning.

●  Yearly
Yearly lenses are recommended for twelve months wear. As with other contact lenses, they must not be slept in and are removed at the end of the waking hours and are cleansed daily.

●  Extended Wear (Night & Day)
Extended wear contact lenses are designed to be worn continuously during both waking and sleeping hours. But you need to check with your optician first as not all eyes are suitable for extended wear.

●  Coloured Lenses
Coloured contact lenses are a fabulous way to change your look on a regular basis. The ultimate fashion statement, you can change the colour of your eyes daily if you so wish!

●  Multifocal Lenses
Multifocal contact lenses give all in one vision correction for those people who cannot see either short and long distances. Multifocals are available as daily, two weekly and monthly disposable contact lenses.

●  Toric Lenses
Toric contact lenses are for astigmatism sufferers. Toric contact lenses are available as daily, two weekly and monthly disposables.

●  Light-reactive contact lenses
These contact lenses contain a photochromic coating that adapts to UV light exposure, which will automatically return to a regular tint when exposed to normal or dark lighting conditions. Contact lenses with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology can be worn daily for up to 14 days.