The Sixth Emergency Service

The sixth emergency service is a special service for existing patients of Penzer Opticians.

Imagine you are far from Birmingham – far from your regular optical practice, Penzer Opticians. Perhaps you are on holiday, or away on business, simply ‘out of town’, snowed in or sick?

You have lost your glasses, or they have been stolen, or damaged beyond repair. Don’t worry. Help is at hand!

The sixth emergency service offered by Penzer Opticians to existing patient can help. Using your existing prescription, which we hold, we will expedite (within 48 hours) a new pair to you from a choice of six frames with standard plastic lenses.

1. Call us on 0121 430 5538 (standard office hours), or email us and tell us you have a problem.

2. Choose your frame from the six frame options on this page and inform us of the style of your choice.

3. Tell us who you are and where they need to be sent to.

4. Let us have your credit card, or payment details.

5. We will process your payment and expedite your new glasses to you within 48 hours.

The cost? Just £35 complete plus postage.

NB. Lenses offered under this service are standard plastic lenses and do not include tints, coatings or surfacing.