New Frames

Anyone for tennis?

Bollé CompetiVision® lenses are designed to mute every colour in the spectrum except optic yellow, making the tennis ball pop so you can react more quickly. Darker than the standard CompetiVision Lens, CompetiVision Gun features a flash metallic silver mirror that cuts through glare on the court in bright conditions.

Bollé’s patented CompetiVision® is one of the most innovative sports technology and the first and only sunglass that gives you 100% UVA and UVB protection while allowing you to see the tennis ball better. The CompetiVision® lens is the tennis lens. High contrast teal tinted lens that mute all colours except for optic yellow so the ball stands out. The stark contrast between the background and tennis ball makes the CompetiVision® lens idea for watching as well as playing tennis.

Penzer Opticians has a small selection of Bollé CompetiVision® frames and lenses for tennis players as well as Bollé sunglasses for non sporting occasions too.