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Check out the new Paulo Pilipe range for men at Penzers

New Paulo Pilipe frames at Penzers Opticians
New Paulo Pilipe frames at Penzers Opticians

Paulo Pilipe has created an eyewear concept combining styling with the ultimate comfort. They call it “Anti-Gravity Eyewear”. Its sleek style and unique system makes them attractive to wear and extremely easy on your nose. Have you ever felt this heavy weight on your nose-bridge with your glasses? If yes, Paulo Pilipe eyewear would be perfect for you.

Material and Design
Paulo Pilipe frames are made with sheet metal to achieve the slim and simplistic look without giving up durability. They are flexible and extremely durable.

Metal and plastic frames are made with dual tone combination to give highlights to the subtleness of the frame.

The Paulo Pilipe TGS (Temple Gripper System) uses leverage mechanism to relief bridge pressure (BLE Bridge Lifting Effect) and provides Anti-Slipping Effect. Therefore Paulo Pilipe frames extremely comfortable to wear.

What are the benefits of Paulo Pelipe paulo4Eyewear?
• Anti-Slipping
• Nose Bridge pressure reduced by 30%
• Superb quality and design
• One of a kind product
• TGS (Temple Gripper System)
• BLE (Bridge Lifting Effect)
• Patented system

Paulo Pilipe frames for men are priced at just £199 to include standard single vision lenses. Pop in-store and try them for yourself.