New from Penzers Etch-A-Lens

Here is something different to personalise your lenses either by your initials, nickname or symbol. For example an anchor for the sailing enthusiast, a gift for someone, your favourite football team, Batman logo; or any of the 2,000 symbols that can be found on What’s App. Check to see for yourself.

Another excellent application for Etch-A Lens is for the elderly. For example if in a retirement home, their initials could be etched on to the top left or right of their lenses to ensure they are not lost (approximate size of etching is 3mm).

Create a personalised etching for your glasses that is unique to you. The cost of each etching is just £15 on top of the normal lens price, a small price to pay to create something very individual.

Also new from Penzers – rimless only lenses shaped to your own shape and style. For example, star shaped, triangle, Batman, round or whatever you fancy (within reason). Try us with your design and see if we can do it. Stand out in the crowd for just £40 extra on top of the lens price.

Pop into the practice to have a chat about these new services, or call us on 0121 430 5538.