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Its sunglasses time

As summer starts to loom large on the horizon, with weather experts predicting a hot and sunny one, it is perhaps time to consider some new sunglasses. Penzer Opticians stocks a comprehensive range of sunglasses at various price points.

Of course sunglasses are the perfect fashion items to compliment any summer outfit; and whilst many opt for well known designer brands, you do not have to break the bank to look good this year.

So what’s new for 2014?
Geeky, large outsize frames are currently fashionable. Look out for black, red and even tortoiseshell colours. Vintage styles seem to be on trend this year too with classic 60’s and 70’s styles top of the list. Gold and silver metal framed sunglasses are also all the rage. Matte finishes are back in fashion too. In terms of other frame colours, aquatic, neon and electric blue are going to be popular. Contrasting coloured lenses are also set to become trendy.

Let Penzer Opticians help you with your choice of sunglasses this summer.