Independent Opticians Better

Independent opticians better than the chains it is claimed, Which? reports

Independent opticians are a safer place for people to have their eyes tested and get new glasses – as demonstrated by a new Which? report. Richard Pakey, the leading champion of the UK’s 3,000 independent opticians, has welcomed the consumer report.

In a number of tests, researchers got a higher standard of eye test from independents than they did at the big chains. He said: “This clearly shows smaller opticians can offer higher standards of eye healthcare. That’s not a big surprise. When you use an independent optician, you are highly likely to be dealing with a business that is being run by the owner. When someone’s name is above the door there is a higher level of pride in the work that is done. I know hundreds of independent opticians, and most take personal responsibility for the quality of eye healthcare in the practice.”

Richard added: “That’s different from the big chains, where you typically deal with different employees at every visit, who just want to process you quickly to hit targets. Is that really how we want eye healthcare to be in this country? Or do we want people to build up long-term healthcare relationships with experts who own the businesses they are dealing with?”

He believes that the free eye tests and 2 for 1 glasses deals advertised by the chains should be banned, as they make people devalue the importance of regular eye tests.

Richard said: “When you regularly visit a trusted independent optician who knows your history you will actually see much better value for money with more thorough eye exams, more time to ask questions and generally a higher level of care.”