Digital devices can cause eye fatigue and strain

Hoya BlueControl
Hoya BlueControl

LCD and LED computer and television screens, smartphones, tablets and GPS devices all emit blue light. Excessive amounts can cause eye strain, eye fatigue and even sleeplessness.

Research has shown that 83% of spectacle wearers experience eye discomfort when using digital devices.*

From early morning until late at night people are using all kinds of digital devices for work as well as for recreation purposes – laptops, tablets, smartphones and televisions. As individuals access most of these devices at a short distance, their eyes are increasingly exposed to the blue light emitted by the screens of those devices. As a result, this requires  the eyes to switch continuously between photos, illustrations, text, or follow moving images and so on.

In terms of daily useage, research has shown that more than a third of adults spend four to six hours a day with digital devices, while 14% spends between ten and twelve hours a day.*

So, it is unsurprising that more and more people complain about:
• red and irritated eyes
• dry eyes
• blurred vision
• fatigue
• back, neck and shoulder pain
• headaches

Hoya BlueControl has released a new solution to this growing problem, which is a coating that neutralises the blue light emitted by digital screens, preventing eye fatigue and eye strain. Additional benefits are the reduction of glare and enhanced contrast. This keeps the eyes in better condition whilst offering more comfortable and relaxed vision and a more natural colour perception.

If you are a high user of digital devices, talk to Penzer Opticians about BlueControl on your next visit, or call us on 0121 430 5538 to discuss it further.

* 2012 VisionWatch Findings and Millward Brown