Penzer Opticians announces its reopening

We are delighted and excited to announce that from Monday 29 June Penzer Opticians is open for business once again after the easing of the regulations following the COVID-19 pandemic for both private and NHS patients. We look forward to welcoming back all existing patients as well as new ones too.

Please be aware that a visit to Penzer Opticians will look different in this ‘new world’. You will already have seen the measures that other medical and retail businesses have taken to protect their customers and staff. Penzers is no different. We have followed NHS England guidelines to the letter. Social distancing is being implemented in the practice and we will be seeing far fewer patients each day than before. There are perspex screens that will separate you from the staff. When it comes to your eye examination, expect to see your optician wearing full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their and more importantly your safety. Expect to be greeted by Penzer’s friendly staff wearing masks, aprons, gloves with a welcoming smile behind their PPE!. Expect to be asked to use the new stand alone hand sanitizer on entry to the building. And expect to have your temperature checked by one of our team using a hand held thermometer pointed directly at your forehead. Everything will be carefully cleaned between patients, including all equipment and hard surfaces. This is the new way of working and it is essential that our patients feel safe and secure in this environment.

Sadly, you will not be able to simply walk into the practice as before unannounced as our door will be locked. We need to know you are coming, even with a simple request or for a replacement screw. So, if it can be done by telephone, for example ordering and paying for contact lenses over the telephone, please do so.  Please call the team to book an appointment, even for non-eye examination matters. Tell them what the issue is, or what you require and they will advise when it will be safe for you to attend.

Please read the new requirements below:

– We are initially not open every day as before, but we will be reviewing our opening times regularly. Emails to will be picked up and answered daily. Telephone messages will be answered just as soon as we can, but not daily. We will be in the practice every Tuesday and Friday and can personally answer your calls on those days.

– Having made an appointment, should you or anyone else in your household have a temperature that morning, or have developed a new, dry, persistent cough, or experience a loss of sense of smell and taste, please call us and cancel your appointment.

– Come on your own (if possible) or with a maximum of one other person.

– Come to Penzers before you do your shopping. Please do not bring lots of bags into the practice and help us to keep the space clean and uncontaminated.

– You will be required to wear a mask during your appointment, which you should provide.

– Pay with a card. We are discouraging the use of cash.

– When it comes to choosing from our new range of frames, please do not touch the frames. We will pass the frame(s) you wish to try on to you and then ask you to pass them back to the dispenser. Each frame will be sanitized.

We hope to see you again soon. To make an appointment, or for advice on your eye care needs, please call us on 0121 430 5538 or click here to email us.