Anyone for tennis?

Bollé CompetiVision® lenses are designed to mute every colour in the spectrum except optic yellow, making the tennis ball pop so you can react more quickly. Darker than the standard CompetiVision Lens, CompetiVision Gun features a flash metallic silver mirror that cuts through glare on the court in bright conditions.

Bollé’s patented CompetiVision® is one of the most innovative sports technology and the first and only sunglass that gives you 100% UVA and UVB protection while allowing you to see the tennis ball better. The CompetiVision® lens is the tennis lens. High contrast teal tinted lens that mute all colours except for optic yellow so the ball stands out. The stark contrast between the background and tennis ball makes the CompetiVision® lens idea for watching as well as playing tennis.

Penzer Opticians has a small selection of Bollé CompetiVision® frames and lenses for tennis players as well as Bollé sunglasses for non sporting occasions too.

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Quirky LA MATTA Italian frames are available from Penzers

Brilliant colours and exclusive acetates illuminate the exciting La MATTA collection of frames for ladies and are certainly not for the fainthearted either. LA MATTA frames are for the discerning lady, one who wants to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd whilst demonstrating cool Italian sphistication.

Collection LA MATTA frames have bold, intriguing hues with lots of personality and are an explosion of detail. Original decorative elements add a special touch to each model to express the personality and allure for the modern woman.


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New kids sunglasses by Loops are available now

The DUDES & divas range by Loops Eyewear is now available at Penzers. Something different for the kids to enjoy and designed to help them feel good about wearing glasses. The range offers a great looking choice of styles and colours, so suddenly wearing glasses is cool!

At last, designer frames for little faces. A full range of colours and styles in acetate to make any child feel good about wearing glasses. All frames feature the 180 degree spring joint.

Children’s eyes need protection while on holiday or playing outside, which is why the new range of Loops Dudes & Divas kids Sunglasses has been developed.

Not only are these frames fashionable, they are also lightweight and durable, fabricated from colourfast soft polyurethane material. There are 16 styles for boys and girls each in two colours.

DUDES & divas sunglasses can now be viewed instore at Penzers.

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Penzers dips into France for some Exalto frames for men

The company that manufactures Exalto in Jura, France, says “Exalto frames are the perfect combination of purity, stylish design and silent beauty.

Exalto frames are a masculine collection made of patented – or unique hinges – coming from a genuine partnership between engineering and design. Exalto was proud to win the gold Silmo d’Or award for ‘Technological Innovation’ at the Silmo Fair 2016. The sophisticated technological system is hidden behind the apparent simplicity of the hinge design. It features a metal wire that is firmly attached to the temple and attaches to the frame front. The carefully studied design for the hinge is a screw less patented spring mechanism that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional.

Exalto translated from Latin to English means “to raise high,” which sums up the industry award-winning brand, Exalto. Exalto frames feature a combination of simplicity in form and function from the creative team at Oxibis Group that started in 1992. Six years after the inception of the Oxibis line, creators Jerome Colin and Daniel Arnaud decided to branch out into a masculine and refined line geared towards gentlemen. Since 1998, Exalto has been handmade in the Jura area of France. Jura is known throughout Europe for excellence in eyewear and its quality artisans that specialize in spectacle making.

Now you can try a slice of French craftsmanship brought to you by Penzer Opticians in Birmingham.


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